Colin O'Connor Illustration

New Piece

A new piece I did, working for the first time in a long time, using an ink wash with brush line work. These are the work in progress photos I took while painting. The high res version is here, in the Illustration section of my website.0





Jun 28 2013

More new work on Comic

Another frame from my short comic I’m working on. Obviously in the final there will be text, but for now just guache and ink images.

Dec 28 2012

Anthology Submission

A frame from a submission for an anthology I’m working on. Gouache and Ink. This piece is complimentary to the Lighthouse Keeper, connected by similar themes and characters.

Dec 10 2012

Work in progress

I’ve decided that the best way to prepare for creting a comic is to do examples of an action sequence, a sequence with a lot of diologue, and a sequence with a lot of scenery. So far, I’ve finished two pages from the action sequence. The rest will hopefully be up shortly!


These pages are as of now unfinished, but I thought I’d put them up.

Oct 24 2012

Scrappers Minicomic

Sketches with a preview of what my next minicomic might look like. Involves Aliens and Adventure…

Apr 9 2012

Climbing brush and ink

More brush and ink work from climbing in Lofoten.


Apr 9 2012