Colin O'Connor Illustration


This is the first of hopefully many mini comics, each a sort of a prelude and a preview for the main comic I hope to create. This, the first is called Northmen, and focuses on the mysterious tribe that habits the Northern Plateau, across the Endless Mountains. Next week you will be able to buy your very own copy, if you can make it to Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis! Read it in a more different way here at the French comics website.

Oct 5 2011


I’ve decided that as I work on the “Secret Project” finalizing the character, script and story, I am going to work on a series of one page mini-comics that will inform the larger story. The idea is that many of these shorts will make no sense now, but as one reads the larger story these short comics will build off of the story, adding to the overall story. These mini-comics will not be necessary for understanding the larger story, only build upon it and inform it later.

So do not be confused, all will make sense in time.



Sep 22 2011

Creatures and people

Some bears and a wild Northman:

Sep 14 2011


I watched the Dark Knight yesterday…

Sep 12 2011


These are some character sketches, with different outfits, gear and whatnot.

Sep 4 2011

Secret Project!

So I’m working on a project that for now shall remain shrouded in mystery… Here are some sketches of one of the main characters, and concepts for special equipment they might need on their journeys.




Aug 30 2011