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Here are the newly colored foregrounds for 3D II. With part two of the “Shaman King” we’re integrating color into the animation.

Nov 4 2010

3D II- Backgrounds

I’m doing all the backgrounds and most of the character design for our animation project, we’ve jokingly titled: Shaman King. The original assignment was six weeks, but now my group and I have decided to keep going with the story and extending it. This demands more backgrounds! and more foreground images. Everything but the character is 2d hand drawn and inked, by me, set up as layers in 3ds Max. As soon as we have a re-edited version of the first six weeks project, I’ll put it up here. For now, here are the backgrounds and foregrounds I made:

This is the original background I made, with the mysterious temple… The whole image set up as a pattern so if we wanted we could loop the image to have more jungle than otherwise. Although then we would have a bunch of temples too… click on it to see it in all its glory!

This is the original foreground image I created. We placed it as a plane just in front of the background, creating the illusion of space (see screen shots below).

These are the new foregrounds I’ve been working on, without any textures from Photoshop, like the others I’ve done so far.

Here’s a screen capture from the animation. Now we’re working on a new character, and the backgrounds and fixing glitches we encountered on the shaman man himself.



Oct 27 2010


These are some screen shots from my project in 3D Animation II, I’m working in a team to create a fake advertisement for our fake animation studio.

Sep 28 2010


My friend Nick Kalivas and I have been working on an animation for the last six weeks, and yesterday, after spending 13 hours in the computer lab we finall finished all the animation, now all we have left is the sound editing and some minor tweaking to do. Below are screen shots of the animation in progress. We are using 3Ds Max, a 3D computer animation software.

The Otters head, while still in the process of modeling

The Otter while playing around with textures and colors, still in the process of modeling

The Otter finished, sitting in his deck chair, chowing down on clams

The potential first shot, with the buoy

The Otter’s Island and the surrounding environment

The inquisitive Bebe Crab

Dec 11 2009