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Another climbing shot from Squamish. Brush and ink.

Aug 30 2011

Figure Drawing

These are a few ink drawings from figure drawing in Syracuse. the first is a fifteen minute pose, the second a half an hour and the third about a half hour.

Aug 26 2011

Rock Climbing

So finally, after a summer of doing not too much except for climbing running and such, I finally have something to post! I have more to come, but having just moved, the scanner is not yet hooked up… Soon however there will many more sketches and hopefully some in progress work on a couple of projects I have in mind.

So these are a couple of climbing drawings, I’m trying to do more climbing stuff to get a better exclusively climbing portfolio, plus we’re in such strange positions that its makes for an interesting challenge in perspective. These are based off photographs taken on our trip to Canada.

Aug 25 2011

East Page 20

For fun I’ve finished the twentieth page of East of the Sun West of the Moon. It’s out of sequence from the rest of the pages I’ve done, I just wanted to do this badass page. These are the inks, I’ll upload the colors later:



May 4 2011

East of the Sun West of the Moon

I’ve created a Manolosanctis album of my work in progress, East of the Sun West of the Moon. The pages are not finished, I need to add in the word bubbles and the text, and add a few more pages. You can look at it here:

Apr 24 2011


Manolosanctis is an online community where comic artists, mostly French ones, can upload their comics to the web to share with the world.

Apr 14 2011

East Sketches

Some quick color sketches of the main character donning the bear skin, beginning the transformation into a polar bear.

Mar 27 2011


More ink sketches.






Feb 10 2011



More ink sketches for Lifestyle Illustration.

Feb 6 2011


These are the sketches and the finals for our first piece due in Lifestyle Illustration. We had to choose a place and then research online to find clothing that represents the place we chose. I chose Norway as my place, and then using references from

Jan 31 2011