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Another climbing shot from Squamish. Brush and ink.

Aug 30 2011

Rock Climbing

So finally, after a summer of doing not too much except for climbing running and such, I finally have something to post! I have more to come, but having just moved, the scanner is not yet hooked up… Soon however there will many more sketches and hopefully some in progress work on a couple of projects I have in mind.

So these are a couple of climbing drawings, I’m trying to do more climbing stuff to get a better exclusively climbing portfolio, plus we’re in such strange positions that its makes for an interesting challenge in perspective. These are based off photographs taken on our trip to Canada.

Aug 25 2011

Positive Latitude Short

This is a short comic I did for my independent study, working on the flow of the pages.

Nov 22 2010

Final Comic

My Final for Sequential Art

May 1 2010

Positive Latitude, Finished!

Positive Latitude is finished, at long last, everything is finished. Thank you Eleni for helping me bind these and making them look so good! One of hte requirements of the class the Lab (the class I created this book for) is that you have to have 25 ready to sell copies finished by the end of the semester, and then enter them in MICA’s annual Art Market. I finished the books just in time, and was able to actually sell nine copies! More than I anticipated.

Now I’m looking forward to my next trip, wherever it might be, and am determined to make time to draw and write more this time around, and then perhaps make a Part II.

Dec 16 2009

Positive Latitude

These are some of pages from my book, Positive Latitude, which I finally finished just in time for the Art Market. Everything is hand inked and written by me. Its 32 pages, printed by Seabord Graphics and Minuteman Press in Syracuse NY, hand bound by myself and my friend Eleni Giorgos. I’ll upload pictures of my display at the MICA art Market later.

Pages from Penetente Canyon

Fisher Towers and Tommy at Owens River Gorge and Toulomne

Tres Piedras

Dec 11 2009

Positive Latitude Continued

More inks for my journal.

Penetente Canyon, with space for text (this image is two pages).

Penetente Canyon Full Page

Tommy on the insane undercling at Whitney Portal.

Tommy Undercling

Oct 23 2009

The Lab

These are some sketches and some finished pieces for my ongoing journal project for my class the Lab. I’m writing and illustrating a journal of my rock climbing trip over the summer of 2009. So far I have everything written, and now I’m finishing perfecting the layout and the illustrations.

Sketch 1Page 10

Some drawings form my sketchbook, studies practicing drawing me, and my face…

The left hand sketch is from Rifle, when we were climbing with Cary, and the one on the right is half way up the first pitch of a climb I don’t remember the name of in Gods Craig

Below are the finished inks of me climbing in Tuolomne in Yosemite.


This is the Corkscrew summit on Ancient Arts in Fisher Towers Utah. I took a bunch of photos that Jim had taken and drew myself in the placements I followed while actually climbing. I got rid of the rope for the sake of making it less confusing.

Corkscrew Summit

Oct 16 2009