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Creatures and people

Some bears and a wild Northman:

Sep 14 2011


I watched the Dark Knight yesterday…

Sep 12 2011

Figure Drawing

These are a few ink drawings from figure drawing in Syracuse. the first is a fifteen minute pose, the second a half an hour and the third about a half hour.

Aug 26 2011


More ink sketches.






Feb 10 2011



More ink sketches for Lifestyle Illustration.

Feb 6 2011


Lifestyle brush and ink sketches, based off of models from Italian GQ I did over the break. I’m now taking a Lifestyle Illustration class, and this was me preparing for the rigors of drawing beautiful people.

Jan 26 2011


The first of many, I hope, scans from my sketchbook. First I’ll try to upload one every week. If that goes well, I may try to do one every day…

Trey. Seated. Making face.

Feb 17 2010

The Lab

These are some sketches and some finished pieces for my ongoing journal project for my class the Lab. I’m writing and illustrating a journal of my rock climbing trip over the summer of 2009. So far I have everything written, and now I’m finishing perfecting the layout and the illustrations.

Sketch 1Page 10

Some drawings form my sketchbook, studies practicing drawing me, and my face…

The left hand sketch is from Rifle, when we were climbing with Cary, and the one on the right is half way up the first pitch of a climb I don’t remember the name of in Gods Craig

Below are the finished inks of me climbing in Tuolomne in Yosemite.


This is the Corkscrew summit on Ancient Arts in Fisher Towers Utah. I took a bunch of photos that Jim had taken and drew myself in the placements I followed while actually climbing. I got rid of the rope for the sake of making it less confusing.

Corkscrew Summit

Oct 16 2009